About me

After twenty years as a well established maritime broker and handling agent, having facilitated the foreign stopovers of Armed Forces from various nations both at peaceful times but also during many recent international conflicts by arranging hotel stays, transport, catering services, recreational activities and loads more pertaining logistical planning, I have decided to transfer my "know how" and ability to the luxury tourism sector.

My personal passion for travelling has pushed me to some enchanting places around the globe and my willingness to combine a busy professional career with seeking to further my connaissance of our mesmerising planet has meant embarking on a new adventure. But once I fulfilled the thrill of the kayak on fast flowing waters, the rib around the Ionian Islands and sampan in Southeast Asia, I dreamt about sailing on a schooner around the Grenadines or, even better, riding a luxurious Riva in Montecarlo.

My services will entice not just the discerning traveller, but those who wish to be on the move in comfort and style. I trust I am the consultant one can turn to to make that holiday plan as smooth and elegant as can be achieved in a niche market of this kind.

And by the way, "non divulgation" is my second name! Call now on +39 335 6450993 or email me with your requests at travel@theglobespinner.net

Maurice Gavan